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Rodolfo Santana

RODOLFO SANTANA rose to fame early in his career, becoming one of the best known playwrights in Latin America via his “The Business Does Not Excuse a Moment of Insanity,“ which was turned into a film by Mauricio Wallerstein.

He then became even more famous across the Spanish-speaking world (and beyond) through another play, The Entertainer.

With nearly fifty plays - and at least eight screenplays - to his credit, his most important works besides THE LADIES ROOM are: Looking Into the Stands, I Like You Dancing Boleros on My Body, Never Lose Your Head Over a Swedish Doll, Encounter in the Dangerous Park, and The Angel Lost in a Hostile City (winner of the Casa de las Americas Prize in 2003) the English versions of most of the above having been brought to English by Prof. Charles Philip Thomas

Country :Venezuela

Rudolfo Santana
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Prof. Charles Philip Thomas