Latin American Theatre
Translations by Prof Charles Philip Thomas

Book:  She Returned One Night

& Other Plays by Eduardo Rovner

 Volvió una Noche (She Returned One Night) and other Plays by Eduardo Rovner (Edición Bilingue) includes Almas Gemelas  “Soulmates” and Tinieblas de un escritor enamorado “Darkness of a Writer in Love”   Aventine Books (2003)

SHE RETURNED ONE NIGHT and Other Plays by Eduardo Rovner contains English translations and the Spanish originals of three plays by this award-winning author from Argentina. She Returned One Night has thrilled audiences around the world, including two successful runs in New York City at the Repertorio Español; Soulmates is a new expanded version of Rovner¹s successful Compañía; and Darkness of a Writer in Love is one of the author¹s works from Tetralogy from the Shadows.

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