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Maritza Núñez

Country: Peru

Works in Translation by Prof. Charles Philip Thomas:

 Maritza Núñez was born in Lima, Peru in 1958.  She obtained her Master of Arts from the Gnesin Musical Institute in Moscow in 1986.  She has carried out studies in theatre at the Finland School of Theatre and the University of Helsinki.

Maritza Núñez has published books of poems, Pentegramas ebrios (1986), Calidoscopo Op.I (1987), Passio Seculares (1988, 1998), Creatura (1998), and Kampopo (1999).  She has also published Jeux (1990), La pieza de teatro Niña de cera (1995) and the monologue A la luz de la oscuridad (1999).  In addition she has published plays for children, Chiqchinpo (1988) and El Libro de los Reyes (1992); musical theatre Creatura (1993), and Sueños de una tarde dominical (1999) for which she won the María Teresa Leon prize in Madrid, Spain. Amor Vivus  (Living Love) (1999), Nocturno (Nocturne) (2000), and Le Jardin Secret (The Secret Garden) (2001), are her latest collections of poems. Jeux y otros cuentos (Games and other Stories) is her latest work of short stories of poetic prose. She has also written three librettos for Opera and numerous texts of songs and choral works.  Some of her works have been translated to Finnish, Swedish, English and Japanese.  Her dramatic works have been mounted in several countries at various international festivals. Her latest works are three musicals: Tres historias porteñas ) [Buenos Aires Zero Hour: drama in three parts; Lonely Tango; Erwartung (awaiting); Three Buenos Aires Tales] Gina, and El Rinconcito de Don Ramón [Don Ramón's Little Place]  She has lived in Helsinki, Finland since 1986.

Country :Peru

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Solitary Tango  (Tango solitario)