Latin American Theatre
Translations by Prof Charles Philip Thomas

Latin American Theater in Translation (book)

Latin American Theatre in Translation: An anthology of Works from Mexico, the Caribbean and the Southern Cone, Xlibris (2000).

This collection is an anthology of the best recent plays from Latin America by some of the foremost writers from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Venezuela.  Most of the plays have won awards such as the Casa de Las Américas prize, and the Tirso de Molina award as well as many others.  The anthology contains 14 plays as follows.  Rodolfo Santana (Venezuela)  Looking Into the Stands (Mirando al Tendido); Never Lose Your head Over a Swedish Doll (Nunca entregues tu corazón a una mueca sueca); The Ladies Room (Baño de Damas)  Roberto Ramos-Perea (Puerto Rico):   Bad Blood: The New Emigration (Malasangre: La nueva emigracin), Forever Yours, Julita (Tuya siempre, Julita);  Family Secrets (Callando Amores)  Guillermo Schmidhuber (México)  Obituary (Obituario); The Secret Friendship of Juana and Dorothy (La secreta amistad de Juana y Dorotea); The Useless Heroes (Los héroes intiles)  Marco Antonio de la Parra (Chile)  The Dead Father (El Padre Muerto);  Killer Tangos (Matatangos)  Eduardo Rovner (Argentina)  She Returned One Night (Volvi una Noche); Company (Compañia)  Mauricio Kartun (Argentina) Sacco-Vanzetti (A Dramaturgic Summary Judgement from Documents on the Case (Sacco, Nicols-Vanzetti, Bartolomeo: (Sumaria dramatúrgica de documentos sobre el caso)

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