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Latin American Theatre in Translation
by Prof. Charles Philip Thomas

Latin American Theatre home page

Welcome to Latin American Theatre, a unique website presenting contemporary plays from Spanish-speaking countries of the Western Hemisphere, which I have translated into English.

There are synopses for more than 50 works featured on this site (including some excerpts), and complete plays are available in printed form to literary managers, educators, dramaturges and artistic directors considering productions .

Several plays can even be obtained in book form.  (See box below!)

Be sure to check the News/Information Section for details on translations in progress, special projects and other updates, and use the Contact button at the left, if you'd like to get in touch with questions or comments..

Thank you for visiting the site.  I hope you will enjoy reading about these wonderful dramas from Latin America!

--  Prof. Charles Philip Thomas

Latin American Theatre in Print
English translations by Prof. Charles Philip Thomas


The award-winning work on this site includes

17 plays by Chilean novelist and dramatist Marco Antonio de la Parra
12 plays by Roberto Ramos-Perea from Puerto Rico
9 plays by Alejandro Sieveking of Chile
9 plays by Venezuela's Rodolfo Santana
5 plays by Eduardo Rovner of Argentina
4 plays by Guillermo Schmidhuber of Mexico
4 plays by Peruvian author Maritza Núñez
1 play by Mauricio Kartun of Argentina

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Last Updated 1 March 2009