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Books from Prof. Charles Philip Thomas:

Thomas, Charles Philip, trans. Avatar: Passion Drama About the Unknown Years in the Life of Yeshua of Nazareth. San Juan, PR: Gallo Galante, 1999.

---. She Returned One Night (Volvío una noche) and Other Plays by Eduardo Rovner (Edición Bilingüe. Aventine P, 2003.

---. The Empire Trilogy: Three Plays of the Spanish American War of 1898. San Juan, PR: Ediciones Gallo Galante, 2003.

Thomas, Charles Philip, comp. and trans. Frida, Sor Juana, and Sisters: Women in Latin American Plays in Translation: Plays from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, and Chile. Chula Vista, CA: Aventine P, 2003.

---Latin American Theatre in Translation: An Anthology of Works from Mexico, the Caribbean and the Southern Cone: Plays. United States: Xlibris Corp., 2000.

Thomas, Charles Philip, ed. and trans. The Theatre of Marco Antonio de la Parra: Translations and Commentary. New York: P. Lang, 1995.

Thomas, Charles Philip, trans., Carol Bedwell and Kathy Heinen, eds. The Praying Mantis and Other Plays. Oshkosh, WI: GMW Pub., 1986.